Discover Fab-U-Tech Industries: Your Steel Processing Partner for Precision and Innovation

Fab-U-Tech Industries is a full service steel processing center located in Nisku Alberta, specializing in shearing, plasma cutting, forming, and rolling of steel plate and structural shapes. We have been in business since 1994 and are continuing to expand our capacities and explore the new technologies available.

Our state of the art infrastructure includes an in-house design and drafting department, inventory control with complete material traceability, and the ability to track or check a project status at any time. Our experienced estimating department will supply you with a timely quote and will consider how to minimize your welding and fit-up time when designing the forming procedures.

We service a diverse client base including Oilfield drilling and process equipment, Pressure vessel and Tank manufacturing, Mining, Forestry and construction industries. A substantial portion of our steel plate inventory is purchased mill direct and includes quad certified mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in a variety of material thickness. This volume purchasing has allowed us to be competitive in plain plate sales as well.

We would be happy to arrange a tour of our facility, in operation, if so desired.

Our Scope of Work

Oilfield Drilling Equipment

  • Oilfield building Components – Boiler buildings, Pump buildings, Water tank/Doghouses, Combo buildings, Generator buildings, Drive House buildings, Accumulator buildings, Mudtank mix shacks, Manifold buildings, etc.
  • Wall panels, roof panels, Substructure and mast windwalls and enclosures. Note: These can be done in cross broke, V-rib or corrugated panel profiles.
  • Plug boards, cabinets, work benches, day tanks, hydraulic, fuel and glycol tanks
  • Mudtank walls, water tank components, TC44 fuel tank components, Shale tanks, floc tanks, Cat walk skate tracks
  • Plasma cutting and processing of structural components for all of the above.

Oilfield Process Equipment

  • Pressure Vessel shells, re-pads, tank shells, Rolled structural members, eccentric and concentric cones and transitions, pipe supports, pipe clamps and encirclements, pipe saddles, pipe anchor components

Trucking Industry

  • Truck toolboxes and cabinets, Frame rail extensions, Vacuum truck and Hydrovac truck shells, fenders, and hose trays, Vacuum truck rolled HSS, channels, and flat bars, trailer modification components, Logo signs, stair components, chain racks, bumpers
  • Plasma cutting and processing of structural components for all of the above.

Mining and Earthmoving equipment

  • Buckets, Bucket liners and quick attachment plates, Grader moldboard and dozer blade liners and attachments, counterweights, Mining truck body and cab components, Roll Over Protection Structures, fenders, auxiliary oil and fuel tanks.

Structural Steel Industry

  • Stair pans, miscellaneous connection and base plates, wall purlins and roof girts, door channels, bent plates for fascia angles and skewed connections, Overhead Crane components, rolled structural for curved platforms.

Industrial Construction Industry

  • Rolled shells for caissons and foundation work, plasma cut screw pile auger plates, formed sump trenches, enclosures and wear plates.
  • Blast Proof Building components