Cutting Equipment

Precision Cutting Mastery: Hydraulic Shearing and Hi-Def Plasma 3KW Laser

Optiplex 3015 Fiber 3

The Optiplex 3015 Fiber 3 is a state-of-the-art laser cutting system, renowned for its speed, accuracy, and versatility in sheet metal processing. With fiber laser technology, it delivers high-quality cuts across various materials with exceptional efficiency. Its advanced features and automation options make it ideal for diverse industrial fabrication needs.

Hydraulic shears are designed for straight cutting steel plate. They use a set of four sided matched knives to shear the metal plate ranging from thin gauge to upwards of ¾” thick. The idea of shearing seems simple, but the forces of compression and then fracture of a steel edge require an in depth understanding of the process in order to produce a clean quality edge.

Cutting Equipment

  • 20’-0” x ¾” Mild steel thickness capacity
  • 16’-0” x ½” Mild steel thickness capacity
  • Optiplex 3015 Fiber 3