Burning of Plate

Precision Plate Cutting: Unleashing the Power of Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Technology

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a process that combines electrical current passing through a gas to produce an intense focused “plasma” flame that is very efficient in cutting all types of metal, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other exotic metals. Plasma tables are designated by the amperage of the power source and the size of the plate that can fit on the table. (ie: 400amp 10’-0” x 24’-0”) Newer technology plasma cutting equipment can produce a very clean cut in upwards of 2 – 2 ½” thick steel and some state-of-the-art torch heads have bevelling capability with five axis movement allowing for very efficient and cost effective plate processing.

  • 10’-0” x 24’-0” table 400amp Hi Definition plasma c/w 5 axis beveling head and (2) oxy/fuel heads

Oxy-fuel torch cutting

Oxy-fuel torch cutting is a viable and accurate method of cutting carbon steel of thicknesses up to approximately 6”. Multi torch bridges have the advantage of cutting more than one part at the same time. This minimizes production cutting costs and is a commonly used plate cutting process. The drawback is, this process will not cut stainless steel, aluminum or other exotic metals. It uses a process where the oxy-fuel torch combines a fuel gas such as propane, acetylene, or MAPP gas and mixes it with oxygen to produce an intense focussed heat. Once the metal is heated an oxygen jet down the centre of the tip under high pressure starts the cutting process. This process is in fact rapid oxidation.