FABUTECH Industries partners with many fabrication shops across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan in a variety of Industries. Some shops require steel plate and structural processing on a regular basis and some only occasionally. Each industry has job specific requirements and the scope of work ranges from very simple to large complicated projects requiring the design experience that only comes from years of working with that particular industry. Our in-house design and drafting department will produce electronic auto-cad drawings for every project, including detailed cut-sheets of all components for each assembly. A general assembly drawing will accompany the delivery to assist the fabricators in assembly of a particular project.


We offer full service steel forming for a wide range of material thicknesses and specialized industry projects.


We provide quality, precise metal shearing for your projects of all sizes and ensure reliable turnaround time for completion.

Burning of Plate

At Fab-U-Tech Industries, we use high definition plasma cutting tables to custom cut your materials, regardless of the complexity.

Structural Rolling & Plate Rolling

Our team of trade professionals are skilled to handle various shapes, material thicknesses and custom rolling for projects of all sizes.

  • Burning of Plate

    Plasma cutting is a process that combines electrical current passing through a gas to produce an intense focused “plasma” flame that is very efficient in cutting all types of metal, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other exotic metals. Plasma tables are designated by the amperage of the power source and the size of the plate

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  • Cutting Equipment

    Hydraulic shears are designed for straight cutting steel plate. They use a set of four sided matched knives to shear the metal plate ranging from thin gauge to upwards of ¾” thick. The idea of shearing seems simple, but the forces of compression and then fracture of a steel edge require an in depth understanding

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  • Structural Rolling & Plate Rolling

    Plate rolls are for rolling plate into various curved shapes. The most common types of rolls are pyramid (3 rollers) or pinch rolls (4 rollers) and are available in various widths. Structural rolls are used to form a variety of structural shapes such as channels, beam etc.

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  • Forming Equipment

    A hydraulic press brake is a forming machine. They are described by the maximum tonnage they can produce and the maximum length of the part that can fit on the bed. Hydraulic rams produce the forces required to move an upper die into a lower die in order to accurately form carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and various other types of metal.

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