Health & Safety Policy

Prioritizing Safety: Our Commitment to Health and Safety Excellence

Fab-U-Tech Industries believes that our people are our single most important resource.  It is our goal to minimize our workers’ exposure to the risks and hazards associated with our operation.

To ensure that Fab-U-Tech Industries maintains a safe work environment for all employees, visitors and contractors and remains in compliance with all applicable health and safety legislation, an ongoing program, consisting of the following elements, will ne maintained:

  • Employee education in safe work practices and job procedures;
  • Hazard identification, assessment, and control;
  • Work site inspections;
  • Preventative maintenance;
  • Health and Safety committee involvement;
  • Health and Safety promotion thru regular safety meetings;
  • Near miss, incident and accident reporting and investigation;
  • Make available for review current legislation and safety manual.

Senior Management will ensure that Health and Safety concerns are considered as an integral part of our operating requirements.  All occupational health and safety legislation, programs and procedures will be adhered to and enforced.

Every employee shall be aware of his/her health and safety related responsibilities and rights to a safe work environment.  These responsibilities will be outlined in policy, approved by senior management and communicated on a regular basis.

To attain an accident free workplace, everyone must contribute to this goal and maintain this commitment safety and hazard control.  Regardless of market demands and customer urgency, work must be performed safely.

This statement and all health and safety policies, practices and hazard controls remain current.